About Alexander Khimushin

Alexander Khimushin is an adventurer, ethno-photographer, and global citizen who has captivated audiences worldwide with his epic photo project, The World in Faces. The project, focused on Indigenous Peoples and their traditional cultures, has received worldwide recognition. Alexander has spent the last 15 years traversing the globe, visiting 98 countries and immersing himself in the diverse Indigenous cultures he encounters. Through the lens of artistic photographic portraits, Alexander Khimushin endeavors to capture the beauty of individuals from diverse ethnicities across the world, adorned in their traditional attire amidst surroundings that have shaped their ancestry for generations. The World in Faces photo project by Alexander Khimushin was exhibited twice at the United Nations, as well as UNESCO and Council of Europe. The project story was covered by mass media of over 70 countries, including National Geographic, CNN, SBS Australia, Daily Mail, Telegraph, Xinhua, RT, Spiegel, Arab News etc.
Welcome to my world. The World in Faces.
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