08 July 2021 — 01 September 2021

The World in Faces: Towards a Decade of Action for the World’s Indigenous Peoples and their Languages

UNESCO. Paris.


UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, France


Alexander Khimushin

UNESCO Headquarters in Paris presents a photography artist Alexander Khimushin with his exhibition The World in Faces.

This exhibition celebrates the rich diversity of the world’s Indigenous Peoples, their unique knowledge systems and understanding of the world, and their languages, cultures, traditions and histories. The exhibition showcases photographs that display the incredible diversity of Indigenous Peoples’ languages and cultures through portraits of individuals from different parts of the world in their traditional clothing and environment.

Join us for the opening of the exhibition on Wednesday 08 July at 12 a.m. at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris.

Exhibition photo gallery

About the Artist

Alexander Khimushin

Alexander Khimushin is an intrepid ethno-photographer and global citizen, who has captivated audiences worldwide with his epic photo project, The World in Faces.

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