ATTENTION!!! The World in Faces photo exhibitions by Alexander Khimushin are currently on hold.

During 2021–2022, Alexander Khimushin had a large number of exhibitions in different countries. Some of these exhibitions were one-of-a-kind, large-scale, world-class international events hosted by the most reputable organizations, such as the United Nations and UNESCO. While the events were very successful and received a lot of positive feedback, due to the enormous efforts and time commitment required for these exhibitions, Alexander had to put aside his travels and stop his work on The World in Faces photo project for almost two years.

In 2022, Alexander Khimushin, evaluating this situation, made the decision to put all the exhibitions on hold until further notice. Instead, he chose to commit himself to a new chapter of travel and the continuation of work on his The World in Faces photo project for the next few years.