The World In Faces photo project by Alexander Khimushin got viral in May 2016. To these date we still discover articles all over the world that were published in different countries about the project. Meanwhile, as you probably mentioned, there were no new photos or updates of the project pages on Facebook or Instagram for a long time. This is because Alexander continued traveling to visit the most remote corners of the world, from Highlands of Guatemala to wilderness of Siberia. Since May last year Alexander was on the road all the time gathering portraits of unique peopleĀ of the world. There are about 20 different indigenous minority groups that he visited during this time. Some of the new portraits will be released soon! Stay tuned!

Below is the list of the countries that up to date covered The World In Faces story in the news, newspapers, TV, radio etc. The geography is amazing!

The World In Faces by Alexander Khimushin was covered by media of 36 countries of the world.