I am an Indigenous person. I would like Alexander to visit my community and photograph local people for World in Faces. Can he do it? 

Dear friend, thank you very much for your interest in The World in Faces photo project. Alexander would love to visit your community. In fact, most of his life, he traveled to meet people like you. Most of the Indigenous communities live in remote and hard-to-reach places. Most of the time, there is a language barrier. Most of the time, authentic traditional clothing is almost impossible to come by. All of the above make Alexander’s mission quite challenging. That is why, in his travels, Alexander has always relied on the local people. If you can assist locally in one way or another, Alexander would greatly appreciate your help.

Please contact Alexander if you want him to photograph your ethnic group and you are able to assist with at least something from the list below:

  • Accommodation. It is good if your village has a guesthouse. If not, can you host Alexander at your place?
  • Local guide. Do you speak English, and can you help him communicate with locals? Or maybe you know someone else who can do it.
  • Transport. Most of the time, Alexander needs some kind of transportation to get around. Do you have a motorbike, car, horse, donkey, camel, or elephant? That would be a great help.
  • Traditional clothing. Most of the time, it is the most challenging part. Alexander is always in search of it. Do you know someone who has something really precious and authentic? Can you help Alexander meet them and explain why he needs them?
  • Local Heroes. Alexander loves to photograph locals to show the wisdom and beauty of Indigenous cultures. Do you know the people whom he can photograph?
  • Assistant/Translator.  Every time Alexander photographs someone, he needs help with the equipment and, most importantly, help communicating with a Local Hero.  Alexander needs to record an audio interview with a person he takes a photo portrait of.