I was born and grown up in Yakutia Рthe coldest place on Earth and one of the most uninhabited and inaccessible regions of the world. At the age of nine I started taking photos using my grandpa’s old film camera. Since then my life, one way or another, has been related to photography. 15 years ago I moved from the ice age of Siberia to the wet tropics of Australia, where I got a postgraduate University degree in Business Administration. However, my dream to see the world and passion to photography proved to be stronger, so I quit my business career forever. Nine years ago I packed my backpack and have been globetrotting non-stop ever since, visited 84 countries. Usually, I travel alone and pick the most remote and off the beaten path locations on this planet that are not covered in guide books: from wilderness of Siberia to unrecognized States of Africa.

alexander khimushin from the world in faces project

For many years travel for me was all about adventure. There was no final destination. The road itself was worth travelling for. Exploring the world, watching sunset over incredible landscape, learning a way of life of a far away country, smelling its air, eating local food, talking to locals, living like a local. Traveling independently without fixed plans and dates I learnt not to squeeze into an itinerary major tourist sites and attractions. Instead, gradually, I’ve got interested in visiting off the beaten path places, where ethnic minorities managed to preserve their culture and traditional way of living. I realized that it were them, the people I met, who made my travel experience so precious and unforgettable. Meeting indigenous people living in remote places, listening their stories and taking photos of them became the most inspiring part of my journey.

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